Sheep dairy Il Fiorino

Maremma and Tuscany are rich of traditions handed down from generation to generation till now days. One of the most popular is the sheep cheese, the Pecorino Toscano. Not far from Grosseto you can find one of the most famous Tuscany sheep cheese dairies, ancient origins but modern technologies, has conquered many important international prizes in its sector. Officially the brand Il Fiorino is producing in Maremma since the 50s but their knowledge and cheese making goes further back in time. Il Fiorino is at the base of mountain Amiata and it’s very close to Roccalbegna town, a perfect landscape for breeding and specially for transhumance, such that even the ancient Etruscans used this area for the same purpose. The cheese production is very careful about traditions handed from one generation to the next  and so on. Ingredient is accurately selected, keeping always the same “manthra”, local. Infact salt, for example is take from the famous Volterra fields.

The maind building in this diary is dedicated to seasoning, one of the most important and secret aspects. In fact the cheese is left to season in caves, giving the product a remarkable and unique taste. Many varieties of sheep cheese are made. One of the most famous one in last times is the Riserva del Fondatore, winning the price for best sheep cheese in the world, competition held in London in 2014. At the diary you will also find a shop where to buy or to have some tasting of local cheese. So if you are interested in tasting something new and particular Il Fiorino diary is the place to visit.


Loc. Paiolaio
Roccalbegna GR

+39 0564 989059

60 km



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