About us

We are a farmers family based in Maremma, south Tuscany, since late 1800s, originally from Siena we are now dedicated to tourism and farming. Our grandfathers used to crop the same lands we take care of today, different techniques but same passion for agriculture and landscaping.

Our agricultural production is oriented to the wholesale market, mainly cereals. We are interested in having our own brand and consumer products but there is still some time before that happens.

The farm is dedicated to tourism from 1992 when we had one apartment dedicated to families who wanted to spend some time in Tuscany countryside. Now we offer our guest 3 farmhouses, all refinished, for a total of 10 apartments and 40 sleeps. In renovating, we had attention for our traditions, and therefore we have terracotta floor, exposed beams ceilings, and original furniture.

We wish to let all guest have a genuine teste of this corner of Tuscany. Let you meet up with the people who work in this land and makes it so valuable.

Our team

From left: Giulio, Claudiu, Marusca, Stefania, Luana, Lorena, Edoardo, David


The country side and our farms from 1910s to 1970s