Visiting the little villages in Tuscan Maremma

The air is cooling down here in Tuscany, this is a perfect season to discover the medieval  towns of Tuscany. The villages we gonna talk about are not very famous but they are all few minutes drive from our farmhouses. All are built on hill tops around the Maremma plain, they are not crowded and they all have a long history. The first one we gonna talk about is also the closest one, Buriano and you can see it from the windows of our farms. Reaching Buriano you will be facing the 12th century church. Park your car in this area and go up hill on Belvedere street. From here you can enjoy your first panorama of your daily tour. Moving in to town you will discover how the houses are built and joint on the rock ground. An original idea of this town is to hang on the roads pictures of the same spot showing it’s life of mid 50s till 70s. We can now head to the next town called Vetulonia ancient “rival” of Buriano town. Vetulonia is based on the hill right in front of Buriano. Famous for Etruscan settlements now ruins and  tombs. If you want to learn more about this population you can visit the museum Isadoro Falchi, the visit is short but nice. From Vetulonia you will be able to have a view on the sea, so walk up hill on via Garibaldi it’s not gonna take long. In this spot you can have a break or a coffee at the Bar “il Ritrovo di Bes”. live music at night time is often played in the weekends.

The next town we are visiting is called Caldana. Famous for its marble called “Portasanta” once extracted few hundred meters from the town center. The area we highly raccomand to visit is the church and the bunch of houses in brick and stones built right behind it. San Biagio church, this is its name, is the only example of Renaissance architecture here in Maremma Toscana. The little roads of this town are cute and well kept but you will not take long going around. Therefore here is the ast suggestion for your daily journey discovering Tuscan little towns. The last town is called Giuncarico. Park the car as you get to the ancient city walls. As usual the view on the Maremma plain is gorgeous showing in its splendor the harvested fields and smooth hills far away. And if you are looking for a local restaurant to have a meal, here you will find the Osteria Sapori del Borgo, restaurant and pizzeria we reccomand. Take advantage of it immediately!

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