Traditions and ancient legends: Butteri

The butteri are the cowboys of Tuscany, riding on horseback they represent an ancient tradition here in Maremma, increasingly rare to see and discover. The origin of the name derives from “butoros” which means “Ox goad” and the history of this profession reaches us since the time of the Etruscans, handed down from generation to generation. Around 800s this figure begins to fade out, but the population’s love for its traditions has made it possible for the butteri cowboys to reach our times. Of course in a different way, indeed under the guise of associations and shows that, during the year, bring to light the ancient traditions of the Maremma cowboys. In fact, it is usually possible to see some exhibitions during the summer, especially during agricultural events and fairs.

Among the curious facts told about the butteri is the story of their encounter with Buffalo Bill’s cowboys. In fact, legend tells around 1890, the Western-inspired circus of Buffalo Bill arrived in Italy and on that occasion, the cowboys challenged the butteri, who kept their onor and representation of wild Italy. In Italy the butteri are still recognized today as the best wild horses tamers.