Traditions and ancient legends: Brigands

The Maremma has long been a land of brigands and misdeeds. It all began around the early 1800s, when Leopold II of Lorraine started the reclamation of 1828 which also provided for the repopulation, by the condemned, of areas that, before the reclamation, were unlivable. The great gap between wealthy establishment and poverty among people, together with the presence of many criminals, inevitably led to the emergence of the social phenomenon of banditry. he presence and activities of the brigands were experienced by the inhabitants of the surrounding areas with different feelings, to a part of the population (mainly the wealthy one) they aroused concern and fear, while for the poorest representatives they were a symbol of rebellion and hope for change.

The history of the brigands is the history of Tuscan Maremma. The bound is so strong that the representation of the most famous brigand of the time, Domenico Tiburzi, is often reported on labels of drinks and food, and pictures are exposed in taverns.