Maremmas’ art towns

Maremma is not only unspoiled nature, unmistakable landscapes and culinary tradition, but also history. Although a long time has passed, this land preserves in itself the artistic heritage and architectural traces of the peoples who dominated it and the historical events that marked its life. The Maremma, although if in lesser fame, than the large Renaissance cities that everyone knows like Florence, Pisa and Siena, offers picture frames that have nothing to envy to the other wonderful cities of Tuscany.

Visiting Maremma also means getting in touch and seeing closely the testimonies that validate the presence on the territory of prehistoric peoples, of the Etruscan civilization, of the Roman dominion and, later, of the medieval and Renaissance settlements.

In our territory you will see a great variety of fortifications, fortresses and towers, still admirable today for their architectural structures and for the cultural heritage they convey. All this makes Maremma a land overflowing with art and history. Not to be missed, in this sense, are certainly the cities of Grosseto, the capital of the Maremma area, Massa Marittima with the famous Cathedral of San Cerbone, Pitigliano one of the tuff towns of the lower Maremma, Castel del Piano on Amiata mountain in addition to the many other small villages that costollete both the coast and the Maremma hinterland and that are easily reachable from our farmhouses.

One example, a few minutes drive from our farmhouses, is Castiglione della Pescaia, a beautiful historic village overlooking the sea. The walls and the castle show their medieval origin; the walk in the historic center is recommended, even just to enjoy the magnificent panorama overlooking the plain and the sea.

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