Maremma among natural reserves, lakes and relax

If you are thinking of venturing into Maremma to discover the hidden sides of its vegetation, you are in the right place. In addition to being known for the clear waters of the sea, tasty food, history and culture, the Tuscan Maremma is also an adventurous and unique land for those who love walking in nature, among natural reserves, lakes, ponds and wild vegetation.

As an alternative to the sea there are not only green hills or hill top villages, but also lakes and rivers perfect for spending relaxing days or for organizing simple trips of a few hours in contact with nature.

Let’s start talking about the Accesa lake, which is just a few minutes away from us. It is a small and very ancient lake, formed more than 200 million years ago. Its waters are clean, deep and rich in minerals. Access to water is only guaranteed in certain points and in some areas small sandy beaches have formed allowing visitors to lie down and enjoy rest. It is important to say that in summer time the area is very hot and not very shaded, so it is good to equip yourself with everything you need, bearing in mind that it is often difficult to fix the umbrellas to the ground. This lake is also interesting from a historical point of view, as important settlements dating back to the Etruscan era have been found on its shores, consisting in ruins of 5 districts and several necropolises, the ancient Etruscan graves.

Even for rivers and hidden woods lovers, the Tuscan Maremma offers absolutely authentic atmosphere. This is the case of the Farma valley Nature Reserve, less than an hour from our farmhouses. In the whole area of the Farma valley the human presence is practically nil, therefore you can find not only a rich vegetation but also many rare animal species. The Reserve is located between the towns of Monticiano and Roccastrada.

Inside the Reserve there are also the beautiful natural pools of the Canaloni, to be precise near the (sparsely) inhabited area of Torniella. The absolute protagonist of these areas is Nature and some ruins of the steel “industry” dating back to medieval times. The area is generally very cool and often even in summer it is difficult for the sun’s rays to pass through the thick vegetation, so we recommend that you bring clothing suitable for sudden changes in temperature.

The Canaloni pool are not the only points of interest in the reserve: moving from west to east, in fact, there are panoramic spots, the most famous is Sasso della Pietra. Historical evidence of ironworks settlements, used for iron working in ancient times (the only one still visible is the Ferriera della Ruota). A little further on this route there are also traces of civilization, such as the Castle of Belagaio, reachable by a short marked path and there are also the natural free hot springs, Terme di Petrolio. Of course, being a very large area, surrounded by vegetation and not very touristic, particular attention is required, not only for the maintenance of the paths itself, but also from the point of view of orientation, since there are no exhaustive indications and signs.

Always remaining on the oasis theme, we cannot fail to tell you about Lake Burano. In this case it is not a matter of relaxation as we meant till now, but rather of discovery and knowledge of a large part of the natural environment that makes up the Tuscan Maremma, including flora and fauna. The Reserve is managed by the WWF and therefore also visits are organized through them. You will be able to see different animals (birds, birds of prey, different species of ducks, flamingos, stone martens, foxes, fallow deer, roe deer, etc.) and a rich and varied vegetation (myrtle, sea lilies, holm oaks and maples). Visits are currently possible from September to May 1st and, in summer, from July to August. For info and reservations, refer to the official website.