Discovering Maremma cuisine, seafood specialties

Previously we talked about meat specialties, now let’s think about what the sea of the Maremma coast can offer on the tables. Because Maremma is not only a vast expanse of uncontaminated green lands, but it is also the a beautiful cost sae crystal water. It’s from that sea some delicious dishes are born.

Orbetello bottarga (fish eggs): a food that comes from the need to preserve fish and which, once upon a time, was designed only for family consumption. Bottarga comes from the processing and drying of mullet eggs and can be eaten alone, extra virgin olive oil,Lemon and pepper or it can be used as seasoning for a pasta.

The Caldaro: one of the most famous fish dishes on the Maremma coast. The uniqueness of this dish lay in the ingredients that makes it up . It is a soup made from fresh fish which, depending on the catch of the day, it can have sea cicadas, shrimps or octopus… it all depends on the fish of the day. In this delicious recipe every single ingredient is cooked separately and, only after, added to the tomato and aromatic herb soup prepared separately.

Shaded eel: an ancient recipe, which is traced back to the Spanish domination of the Argentario Mountain. The recipe calls for the fish to be smoked, marinated and seasoned with a spicy pepper-based sauce.

Cod alla Maremma: another typical dish of the tradition, much loved and with an intense taste. The fish is first breaded and fried, then it is put in the sauce flavored with garlic and onion and left to cook for 20 minutes.

Of course there are many other recipes and curiosities about the culinary tradition of the Tuscan Maremma, but we hope that you can try them all in person one day, staying in our beautiful land.