Discovering Maremma cuisine, meat specialties

The discovery of a territory does not only concern the knowledge of its landscapes, architecture, history and culture but it must also pass through its culinary tradition. Get to know the original dishes and trying out the taste of local food is like heading into a journey of profound authenticity in its tradition.

The Tuscan Maremma has ancient meat traditions, a land of hard work and physical effort witnessed by its “poor”, simple dishes. Traditional recipes in Maremma range from meat dishes to fish dishes, from first to second courses and, like many Italian dishes, testify to their close link with the farming tradition. Let’s discover some dishes, typical of the Maremma tradition. Let’s start with the first courses and then conclude with the second courses!

Tortelli: In Maremma there is no doubt about the traditional struggle between ravioli and tortelli. Tortelli Maremmani are a type of fresh made pasta with water, flower and egg, rolled by hand and stuffed with a filling of ricotta and chards. A simple recipe that never make you tired, traditionally served with a meat sauce (minced veal, pork or wild boar), but sometimes also very appreciated with a delicate condiment based on butter and sage.

Acquacotta: if you already know ribollita soup you will have an idea of what kind of dish is acquacotta, a close cousin of the up mentioned Tuscan soup. Also the Acquacotta is a soup of mixed vegetables, but the main ingredient is the use of chadts, accompanied with stale bread, tomato, carrot, celery and onion. To complete the recipe there is then the addition of poached eggs. Therefore a powerful and tasty dish, intended in fact as lunch of the farmers in the fields.

Wild boar: one of the most loved and most present meats on the tables of Maremma. Several dishes are prepared with wild boar: from first courses, such as tagliatelle with wild boar sauce, to second courses, such as stewed wild boar, obtained by marinating the meat in red wine and herbs and then cooking it over low heat.

Il Ciaffagnone: a dish very similar to the more famous crepes, but different in the ingredients used and in the rest time of the dough. This pastry is very good both stuffed with salty foods (such as meats and cheeses) and with sweet fillings.