Wild beaches in Maremma

Sea and adventure is always a captivating combination for those who love nature, discovery, silence and the scents of our land. There are beaches in Maremma that know how to enchant tourists and residents as well. Very often the charm of these places is determined not only by the beach, but by the paths and trails that lead to it. Most of the time they are beaches that are part of nature reserves, where the vegetation is the host and embraces the visitor during the journey, only to remain behind him once he arrives in front of the open sea.

The beaches are really many, we name some of the main and unmissable ones, but above all reachable by land. Starting from the north we meet Cala Civette, a diamond of the Tuscan coast, with emerald green water and golden sand. A real oasis in the middle of the Mediterranean scrub. This delightful beach is easily accessible on foot, after leaving your car in a free parking area.

Not far from Cala Civette there is the well-known Cala Violina, inserted in the Bandite di Scarlino Nature Reserve. Here too there is no shortage of crystal clear water and surrounding vegetation. The path to get to the beach is very simple and feasible for the whole family.

Continuing south we meet the Beach of Marina di Alberese and that of Collelungo, both reachable, also by bicycle, through a path that winds through the Maremma National Park. Here you can perceive the wild nature of the Maremma coast. Silence and tranquility are the words on the agenda for those who decide to visit these beaches. The most isolated stretch of beach is the one further south, towards Collelungo, which is often also frequented by naturists.

Venturing further south, the coves and islands of the Argentario are naturally also worth a visit. Reconciling sea and countryside is not impossible, we are waiting for you in our farmhouses, with many services, including swimming pool, BBQ and a small playground for children!