Visit Elba in one day cruise

As you may know, the most stunning beaches in Tuscany can be found in the island right in front of its shores. Still it can be difficult to reach them and sometimes it can really take you long time and long queues waiting for your ferry. But it doesn’t have to be like this all the times! Here is a good idea to visit Elba island in one day. Lately there are new fast boats connecting Castiglione d. Pescaia to few beaches and towns in Elba. You will departure the morning from the cost, and arrive back at evening in the same spot of your departure. This is called one day Cruise, perfect solution for a day trip exploring the Tuscan island of Elba. You will park your car ant Castiglione and go by foot and boat the rest of the trip. On board in some occasions lunch and appetizer is included, so that you don’t need to take bags of food all day long with you.One of the most famous ships going on this route is Blue Navy, departure at 9:30 from the harbour near red lighthouse. First stop will be the quete and elegant beach town of Porto Azzurro, nearby you can walk to Barbarossa beach, or wonder among the little road of this authentic town looking for something to taste or take home a gift. There is time also for a visit at the small mining museum, representative of what once was the most important economy in Elba. Going back on board you will go to other towns and maybe beaches, depending on the season and route, very probably you will visit Portoferraio as well where you can have a glimpse of the white beaches and a nice visit to Napoleon’s house, where he used to give for a very short time in exile. You will be back in Castiglione around 6:30 pm. The price for this one day cruise is from 25 to 35 euros for adults and around 13-18 for children. Book ahead in order to be sure to find a spot on board!


Via Porto canale Castiglione d. Pescaia

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