Miss Pia de’ Tolomei

Among the stories of Maremma shrouded in mystery there is also the one of Pia de ‘Tolomei. It is said that Pia was killed by her husband Nello Pannocchieschi, who pushed her from the balcony of his Castle della Pietra in Maremma. With respect to the causes of this gesture, two possibilities alternate, on the one hand, Nello’s revenge for her infidelity, on the other hand, his will to go to a second marriage. In the divine Comedy meeting Dante, Pia de ‘Tolomei introduces her shelf just like this: born in Siena and killed in Maremma.

Dante then recounts the uxoricide of Pia, on which, however, there is no certain information and facts verified by Italian historiography. However, although historians have not recognized and ascertained the woman’s identity, the voice of the people continued to give her credit and memory, naming a cliff after her with the name of “Salto della Contessa”.

Just 10 minutes from our farmhouses is the restaurant owned by the descendants of Pia de ‘Tolomei: La Pescaia Resort. In addition to being an excellent restaurant, it is a wonderful example of a nineteenth-century Villa-Fattoria, surrounded by nature, among olive trees, woods and paths.