Le Rocchette

For sure one of the best beaches in Maremma’s coast but also in whole Tuscany: Rocchette beach. The landscape is breathtaking and the chance to stay in sandy beach or rocky makes this spot good for any taste in matter of sea. The old castle standing on the rock makes the view quite picturesque. The higher side of the rock are private and no visible while the lower part just above sea level can be done by foot. If you would like a hidden spot not very crowded we suggest you to go along the rocks and follow the natural path till a corner point where you can reach the secret creeks not visible from the beach. The first half of the path is the easy part while the second half will require you to climb in a couple of points. I can tell you that it’s gonna be worth it. In front of you shiny clear water and many floating boats and sails looking for the best spot where to spend a calm and relaxing sunny day. The other side of the beach is the sandy side and it’s half “organised” and half free beach. This one is very busy so we suggest you to go in the morning to get a good spot. On the organised beach, you will find sunbeds, bars, and toilets. But also beach volley fields and other beach sports. Don’t miss the chance to rent pedalò and visit the rocky beach side from the sea. Your kids will love it! And if you are trendy and you like last fashions here you can rent a SUP and paddle all the way up till the end of the cliffs. This beach is also one of the best one for snorkling, clear water and rich atmosphere will make it special. In the whole maremma’s coast wìyou will not find better spot than this one. Be aware that parking is very difficult in July and August and on weekends. Park properly in order to avoid tickets. Apart from this difficulty don’t miss the chance to visit this beach, one of the most beautiful in Maremma and close to our farmhouses!


SP delle Rocchette

Castiglione della Pescaia

30 min


parking fee




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