Massa Marittima medieval town

Massa Maritima is one of our most beautifull and sudgestive medieval towns in Maremma’s cost. The foundation of this town goes back to the etruscan age, but it’s only since the bishop moved here from Populonia in IX century that this settlment begain to gain fame and richness.
Based a little inside from the cost, the town is surrounded by a metal mining area rich of silver and Pirite. The estraction of such material has been very important to develop Massa Marittima’s richnes. The last mine was closed in 1994, and the first is dated in etruscan time.
The town was first part of Siena domain, but it then went under the duchy of Tuscany
control. Either the “new town” and the old part can reveil lovly views on the contryside. The main square is one of the main atraction, called Piazza Garibaldi, after the comnader stood in this square before heading north for his next expedition. The curch facing on the square, San Cerbone Cattherdal is the most import religius building of Maremma and it’s for sure one of the most facinating. Built in XII century is considered by the many the most important example of roman style architercture in Tuscany. Inside the cathedral you will be able to see many religious crafts some of the wich are instead exposed at the religious museum, still in Massa Marittima: Here the most famous one is the Madonna with Child of Duccio di Buoninsegna.
The town of Massa Marittima is defenetly worth visiting is you are coming to Massa Marittima.


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