Cala di Forno bay and beach

Are you looking for the Whildes, most secrest and most incontaminated beach of Maremma? we have a name for you: Cala di Forno is not easy to reach, who will make it will be profoundly satisfyed. It’s not far from our farms, hiden in between two hills in the Parco Regionale della Maremma. The send here has an intens yello color, very thin buth heavy at he same time. This makes water very clear, and it’s rarally rarelly rough beacause well protected. You will not find crowd here, it’s mmore probable you will meet local animals such as whild boar, deer or foxes that come to the beach seeking freshness or food, som time from humans.To make a perfct frame at this spot there is a old building “dogana” now Agriurismo, and a defense viewing tower: Because you are in a regional park this beach is not orginised the sunbed and sunombrellas neither bars and toilets. Take all you need from home and remember not to litter: to reach the beach Cala di Forno, get in touch with the Park office since the beach not visitable all year long. So park your car the the tiket office, it’s 10 € /adult. Dress confortable and be prepared to walk 6 km one way more or less. Wolking in the mediteranina bushes you will find shade and some ups and downs and delightfull perfumes. Indeed not a lazy day at the beach, but for  those who feel wolking and seeking for secret places we reccomand the visit.


Parco Maremma dell’Uccellina

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