Beach “La Trappola” (Principina a Mare)

At the borders between Maremma Natural Park and Principina a Mare beach you can have a taste of the wildest and genuine Maremma countryside. Being in a natural reserve this area is authentic and kept as mother nature wants it. It’s a ruff area and you will not find any sunbeds or beach umbrella,therefore it’s suggested to arrive with food and water. The beach is studded with big trunks brought here by Ombrone river. People visiting the beach build up huge huts out of them so they stay protected from wind and sun spending a pleasant day at the beach just like our ancestors. The beach is truly rare and specific and it’s worth a visit. From the last beach resort “Oasi” in Principina a Mare, you can head south and enter the park area from the beach. You will need to walk around 1 and 2 km on the sand in order to get in the really wild area. This beach is also good for kids since they have fun building up creative shapes with the smaller trunks. It’s not an easy parking place in high season, so we suggest you to be there from morning.


Principina a Mare

30 minutes by car


42.686707, 11.000901

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