Viareggio’s Carnival

Viareggio’s carnival is one of the most important in Italy and it’s on the top events to do in February here in Tuscany. It’s not close to our Agriturismi, so booking with us you should drive at least 1 h, but I can tell you, it’s worth it! The story of Viareggio’s Carnival goes way back in time, indeed the fist procession is dated in 1873. Most of the event is held on Viareggio’s beach front, and people gather here from all around italy, to see the enormous carnival wagons prepared by locals to impress and dare. The papier-mache wagons are iconic and mock representations of famous people like politicians, actors, show man, that in some way have characterized the last year. The wagons will also be voted by a local gury made of artists, journalists and students. The winning wagon will be the most performing one and representative of our times. All the wagons are made by the Masters with support of more than 250 local artisans who work all year long to make the perfect for this event. The are made in a dedicated artisan area called la Cittadella, a big hangars area just out of Viareggio. Here are held also the best wagons of all times and showed up in two museums open to public to better understand the atmosphere around Viareggio’s Carnival: one is dedicated to the historic wagons, the other one is dedicated to modern arts and crafts regarding the carnival. The carnival wagons processions are held on 5 weekends among february and March. Any way for full lenght of carnival season, Viareggio helds several parties, masked balls concerts, fireworks, theatrical reviews and gastronomic events. If you are in tuscany a visit is a must!


Piazza G. Mazzini, Viareggio

+39 0584 53048

170 km