Thermal spas with free admission

Relaxing at a thermal spa is always a regenerating experience, but it becomes even more so when they are surrounded by vegetation and are completely natural and free.
The area of the Tuscan Maremma, due to its conformation, is dotted with thermal waters.

Among the most famous are certainly the Cascate del Mulino, the free thermal part of Saturnia. Known for their evocative morphology and the small waterfalls that distinguish them, the free thermal baths of Saturnia are indicated as among the most beneficial thermal waters for cardiovascular, muscular and respiratory health. The water temperature is around 37°, which is why it is often preferable to visit in the milder seasons of the year. Access to the thermal baths is possible all year round, 24 hours a day.

Of no less beauty are the thermal baths of Bagno Vignoni, in the heart of the Val d’Orcia.
Their particularity lies in the location of the large thermal vascone in the centre of the ancient village. Around the thermal basin are accommodations and restaurants, once used for private use, but now revisited in a touristic key and a reference point for visitors and pilgrims who often stop in the village after travelling along stretches of the Via Francigena. A visit to this charming little village will certainly remain in your heart. Bathing directly in the central square is no longer possible, but following the flow of the thermal springs, it is possible to reach the Parco dei Mulini area in a short time, where it will be possible to relax free of charge in the thermal waters that gush out at the foot of Monte Amiata.

Near Monte Amiata there is also another very special free thermal site, the Terme di San Filippo, famous for its large limestone formation known as the ‘Balena Bianca’. In this area there are several thermal pools, immersed in shrubs and unspoilt vegetation. These small natural pools, of different sizes, are distinguished by the temperature of the water, which varies depending on the proximity to the springs. In some pools, in fact, the water reaches up to 48°.

A perhaps lesser-known but not-to-be-missed location completes the review: the Petrolio baths in the Ombrone valley near Grosseto. From a structural point of view, they are very reminiscent of the better known free thermal baths of Saturnia. It is a very ancient and
extraordinarily protected thermal spring precisely because of the preciousness it represented in ancient times. Some remains of the stone structure that made up the thermal complex that was built near the baths in the 15th century are still evident and intact. Here, the water flows at a temperature of around 43° and is particularly rich in sulphur, carbon dioxide, calcium
and fluoride. Its properties are particularly indicated for the treatment of diseases of the osteo-articular and respiratory systems.

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