Roselle Archaeological Park

If you are willing to spend a original day hunting cultural events in Tuscany, Maremma offers you some interesting ideas having been in ancient times the cradle of the Etruscan civilization. The Etruscan civilization developed in Tuscany, Umbria and northern Lazio, but its center still remained the Maremma, where it is still possible to admire many ruins and findings of this ancient people. Some of the most interesting archaeological parks to visit in Tuscany are just a few kilometers away from our farmhouses. One of these is the archaeological park of Roselle, reachable in 15 minutes by car. The park consists of the ruins of the ancient city of Roselle, inhabited by the Etruscans since the seventh century. B.C.. Rising periods were followed by times of until its disappearance in 1200 A.C.. Visiting the Archaeological Area you will follow a 2 km length path developed over two hills connected by a small valley. Such location let the town of Roselle to have an important role over the “Lago Prile”, a salty lake that helped sailing, commerce and communications with Grosseto and Vetulonia. As for all Etruscan cities, Roselle was conquered by the Romans who, in the following centuries engaged in the construction of some of the most important monuments still visible today as the amphitheater, the hot baths and the basilica. The standard ticket price to visit the Archaeological Park is 4 euros but reductions to 2 euros are also available for children among 18 and 25. Free entrance for under 18. The route through the ruins is also helped with free informative material translated into several languages.The timetable changes according to the seasons, find all the information on how to organize a visit to the Roselle Archaeological Park, on the website or by phone.


Via del Tino, 291
58100 Roselle GR

+39 0564 402403

18 km
15 min



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