Maremma in Winter time: snow day in Amiata mountain

Have you ever thought of spending winter time In Maremma Toscana? If so, the Amiata mountain is the perfect spot for you! At east from the Maremma plain and south west from the famous Val d’Orcia, this is the highest mountain in south Tuscany, just over 1700 meters and 70 km distance from the sea. The base of the mountain is a rich forest of chestnut trees, important local agriculture sector, and in the highest part it’s all beech trees which reach also the top of the mountain since it’s not high enough to have grasslands. And this woody atmosphere makes it special! After snow days the mountain goes totaly white, foliage included! A postcard landscape will remain etched in your mind. The best time to enjoy such spectacle is the first day of sun after had been snowing. If you are sporty people you can also go for skiing or snowboarding even just to make your first step can be a good idea, since on Amiata mountain there is a s ski/snowboard school. The mount has a little ski area, some easy slopes for skiing downhill or nordic skiing. Sundays can be very busy, therefore we suggest to go on saturdays for skiing. Indeed if you are looking to spend an outdoor day in the snow you can use the chairlifts as a tourist or walk in the many snowy trails. We suggest to start from Le Macinaie ground, a wide open area where to snow bob and make a snowman! Here you will find many kids to make friends and play with. Your perfect outdoor snow day with the family is ensured! Otherwise, to get a spectacular view on the Val d’Orcia you can drive till the Vetta parking and then wolk 2 km to top of the mountain. Here other then the nice cast iron christian cross, there is a Rifugio, a sort of mountain Inn where to have local drinks to warm you up, like a “Bombardino”. You can also thak the chairlifts to get here. If skiing season is on you will find many skiers on your way. Parking is not always easy, especially close to the inns. In winter time Amiata mountain will surprise you! And of course, after a nice day on the snow, you can relax in one of our apartment down in Maremma!


Prato delle Macinaie, Amiata

70 km