Hot springs, Tuscan Maremma & Relax

From ancient Etruscan to Romans, and getting up to date, hot springs have never stopped to be an appreciated and delightful experience reconciling for mind and body. Tuscany is a land rich of hot springs, and therefore, you can find many spas either on payment or free entry. Retreat your shelf having a bath in hot springs, choose among a wellness path or just have a relaxing day off in hot waters.
Let us help you out finding the best spas and free hot springs Tuscany, reachable in short drive from our farmhouses.

Venturina hot springs, juts 30 min drive from us. You will be fascinated from this ancient thermal site well known since etruscan age. The Etruscanas used to call Venturina as “Caldana” wich means “hot land” precisely because of the warm waters that flow from the thermal springs. In this center you can enjoy the benefits of the thermal waters both outdoors, having a swim in the large outdoor swimming pool, and inside the structure. The thermal water reaches up to 36 °, making the spas suitable for all year long. In addition to the traditional bath in the pool, it is also possible to use the spa to have access to hydromassage, mud massages and beauty services.

The thermal baths of Saturnia, just over an hour from our farmhouses. This spa area is famous throughout the world for its charm and the spectacular landscape in which it is immersed. The peculiarity of this area are the free thermal waterfalls accessible to all: the “Cascate del Mulino”, open to the public all year round. Here the water comes out at 37.5 °, so we suggest having a bath only during the cooler seasons and not in full summer.

The Terme di Sorano, about an hour and a half drive from us. These hot springs, considered to be elite spas, are known for their purifying properties, this due to a type of water rich in magnesium, calcium and zinc. As for other Thermal Centers, the Terme di Sorano can also be visited by adults and children. There are also both sports pools and children’s pools. Relax suitable for the whole family!

Bagni di San Filippo, about an hour and a half drive from us. The springs surrounded by unspoilt nature make this hot springs area a mix of charm and amazement. Surrounded by unspoiled nature this spa area is a mix of charm and amazement. Walking along the wooded path, between vegetation and waterways is priceless, as well as dipping your shelf in the small hot ponds made out of limestone deposits from the spring. You will be delighted by the particular limestone formations called “White Whale” waterfall, name like this because of it’s white mighty structure. From here water comes out at 38°, and mices up with the water in the lower ponds.

Choose Tuscany and visit its fairytale scenarios staying in our farmhouses surrounded by nature. We look forward to welcoming you in total safety!