Halloween in Maremma Toscana, celebrate in Grosseto

Halloween is coming, obviously it is not a traditional local party, but in the late years it’s increasingly celebrated and is slowly entering the cult especially of the little ones. Many are dressed-up on this occasion, now like for the carnival! On the afternoon of October 31, families with small children populating the historic center of Grosseto, making a large gathering in Piazza Dante. It looks like a second carnival, in fact “coriandoli”, are there covering  the paviments with bright colors. Childrens chase each others all over the square, this is a pedestrian area, and wander around asking trick or treat? In the afternoon in the historic center of Grosseto it will be impossible not to come across a request for a sweet treat! Also the shopkeepers are ready for the event, with stored candys and present themselves with makeup. In short, the historic center of grosseto manifests itself as a Halloween theme!


For the older ones the party starts after dinner, here are some tips on the best places in Grosseto. In fact, since the families go to dinner, the new protagonists enter the city center. The visit to the historic center for the party people is actually the prelude to a program that will go much further. The most classic program in Grosseto is early evening in the historic center and then everyone head to the disco. The most classic stop is dinner at the historic Pub I 13 Gobbi, a landmark in the center of Grosseto, a typical Irish style pub.  Here you can choose from unique, simple but excellent dishes, hamburgers or steak, fried onions and classic fries. Obviously all served with a nice glass of beer, but eventually also a glass of wine for those who prefer. Another very crowded place in the center and another historic place of Grosseto is Ricasoli Bar, a few meters from the pub 13 Gobbi. Here at Ricasoli Barman Gigi, whimsical character, sports t-shirts collector, welcoming and friendly attitude, will make you the drink you are waiting for. At this point not long is missing to go dancing. There is no real disco here in Grosseto. The place i’m telling you is more of an underground club but the music ranges in many different genres depending on the evening.  Halloween night is generally celebrated with the Enjoy party, which is a gay and lesbian party but not only. Nowadays it’s frequented by many hetero and is one of the most goliardic and inclusive events of Grosseto. The club is called FAQ, and obviously it is a bit outside Grosseto in an industrial warehouse facing south east. Remember o dress-up for the event becaus if you don’t you will be the only one not ready for this event!


Piazza Dante, Grosseto

20 min drive