Cycling in search of Tuscan villages

Living a green holiday in the name of nature, sport and fun is now an increasingly widespread desire. In our farmhouses you can live this fantastic experience and discover some of the most characteristic villages of the Tuscan Maremma “simply” pedaling. And at the end of the day…have a dive in the swimming pool to relax your muscles. We are proposing to you some destinations, close by to our farms and which deserve to be visited for their authentic beauty.

Vetulonia: this small and famous village, of Etruscan origins, is about 30 minutes by bike from us. The road section requires good preparation and resistance to cycle uphill, since for the last 5km it is necessary to pedal up to 300 meters in height on sea level. The panorama that you will enjoy once you reach the top of the hill will be worth the effort and commitment you have taken to reach the town. In fact, from the village you will be able to see the entire valley, including Castiglione della Pescaia and its beautiful sea. A huge section of the Mediterranean scrub will open up in front of you. You can then refresh yourself at the small bar that will be happy to welcome you. Before going down, and enjoying the downhill, we advise you to take a walk in the village, you will be able to appreciate its intact medieval architecture.

Montepescali: a small medieval village located in the opposite direction to Vetulonia. This town is also about 20 minutes by bike from our farmhouses and, as in the previous route, a good athletic preparation is required, since the last kilometers to go are all uphill. Montepescali is also known as the “Terrace of the Maremma”, due to the splendid view that its position offers. From the village, in fact, it is possible to see the whole coast of the Tuscan Archipelago islands and, on clear days, even Corsica (France).

We suggest you to stroll through its streets, to enjoy the colors and all the architectural details present (arches, coats of arms, details on the doors). And if you are not in rush to go back you can find a warm welcome in the Osteria sotto le Logge: a small restaurant specialized in local Tuscan cuisine. Finally, you can complete the day tour with a visit to the two churches: the Romanesque Church of San Nicolò and the Church of Santo Stefano and Lorenzo.

Caldana: this village can be reached by bicycle from our farmhouses and is located slightly further away than the two previous locations. The average duration of the journey in this case is about 40 minutes, but without steep climbs. Once you arrive at the village you will certainly be conquered by its medieval soul, which is also very much felt by the locals. As evidence of this feeling, the inhabitants of this little town, every year give life to two historical town festivals: one is held around August 15th and one in Autumn. Both events have good food and good music as their common elements. A curiosity: in the past this village was very rich due to the proximity of the marble quarries (marble called “portasanta”) belonging to the Fallani, an ancient Florentine family.

Roccatederighi: we recommend only the most experienced and well prepared from an athletic point of view to reach this medieval village by bicycle. The average duration is about 60 minutes ride, but the route is very demanding as the town is nestled on a volcanic rock more around 530 meters above sea level.  You will find both the journey and the destination of undoubted beauty and charm. Probably once arrived, you will have to leave the bikes outside the old town, since the internal streets are too narrow to allow you to move easily on two wheels: the bare rock often emerges laterally from the ground and the pavimentacion is uneven. To go to the heart of the village you will have to look for the Clock Tower, from this point you will be able to discover the ancient aspects of the village: many alleys have kept the appearance they had 800 years ago. Make sure, before leaving, that you have also reached the Church of San Martino, from this point you can enjoy a wonderful view over the whole Maremma. In short, it is a magical and timeless place, especially at sunrise and sunset, when the sunlight dyes the volcanic rocks of a pink light.