Calidario Hot baths

How about New Year’s eve at hot springs?. This year we decided to propose an alternative idea to the classic program for New year’s Eve! If for once you are not interested in making a big party the night of New Year’s Eve we have a good option for you. We propose you a completely different thing, a bath at the spa, especially at the spa of Venturina which are about a half hour drive from our farms. In Venturina there is Calidario Hot Baths, a large swimming pool (often called also lake due to its size and its natural characteristics) fed by a natural source of hot springs at 36 degrees ensuring hot water all year long. The main pool has different deeps and it’s accessible to all, from alwing areas to very deep ones. In addition to the main outdoor pool, there are also beautiful indoor pools. The thermal springs of the Calidario, known since the times of the Etruscans, have a real therapeutic function, flow all year round at a constant temperature (we recommend going in rainy periods of the year to better appreciate its characteristics) and do not have the sulfur smell typical of some thermal waters. I love this spa especially because the main pool has unique features such as the backdrop made of small dark stones, which gives the feeling to be in a natural lake rather than a swimming pool. The Calidario Hot Baths is open most of the year (except for the period 7 January – 7 March), in summer months until midnight. Prices for admission vary from 10 to 22 euros depending on season and age. For the spa treatments and massages there are extra costs. For more information on the New Year’s Eve 2018 dinner at the spa and on the general timetable we suggest you visit the website.


Photo by Proloco di Follonica


Via di Caldana 6, Venturina Terme, Campiglia Marittima LI

+39 0565 853411

40 km
35 min