Le Mortelle Winery

Le Mortelle is a Antinori’s winery, famose and historic italian “wine Family”. The winery is half way among our farms and the beach, in the heart of Maremma Toscana and it does not get more then 15 minutes to reach it by car. Apply to a guided tour to the canteen encraved in the hill for 3 levels deep in the rock. It’s very suggestive. Also many natural materials have been used to build it up. Once the winery was part of a bigger farm and included Cattle and crops. The name Mortelle comes from Mirto (myrtle) a common mediterranean bush in this area. This part of the farm was converted in winery when Antinory family bough it in the 90’s. Of the total 270 hectars 160 are grow wine, mainly Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, and the 3 most famous wins are Botrosecco, Poggia alle Nane and one called Le Mortelle.
The canteen is based on a hill top from which there is a beautiful view, encraved in the rocks gives to the wines a perfect temperature, and isolation. As mentioned it’s based on 3 levels and all wine extraction process is made in it. Great attention has been given also to use of natural material and low environmental impact. Enviroment is very important for Le Mortelle indeed a type of wine is produced organic. At the winery you will also find a shop where to buy their products, participate in tastings of their products and other local ones. Or choose to go for an appetizer with a testing of 3 different wines. Other then wine, 5 hectars of various fruits are cultivated and the most are organic.


Le Mortelle

Localita’ Ampio Tirli

Castiglione della Pescaia (GR)

+ 39 0564 944003

15 min





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