Siena medieval city

You have heard of it for sure because Siena Is worldwildly known for it’s massive historic value, for it’s vivid medieval heritage and its famous palio held twice a year in the summer. Just one hour drive from our farms we strongly suggest a visit to Siena. In 1995 the historic center was declared unesco heritage and when you will have the chance to walk along its buildings you will understand why. Its main square, Piazza del Campo is one of the most welcoming and charming square of the world, you can sit on the ground to enjoy the view, the shape downhill will naturally invite you to do so.
If you don’t soffer of vertigini and claustrophobia you could go up the Mangia’s tower, iconic building in this square, and one of siena best paronamic view rarelly crowded. The stair to go up are safe but for sure not very confortable and some points are very narrow. Other than wondering in the city center there are many museums to visit. First of all the cathedral Opera del Duomo, battistero but there are much more. If you are planning to spend a full day in Siena and also willing to eat something we suggest to go at Orto dei Pecci, a nice, simple and easy going restourant in a big green area just few minutes from Piazza del Campo. This whole area used to be the vegetable garden of Siena. After lunch be prepared to get on the walk again. In Siena there are lots of slopes and downs so wear comfortably is definitely a good idea.
Siena is also a good city for hunting particular souvenir some also of very high finish. So be ready also for some shopping!
If you want to be immersed in the deepest Siena’s medieval expression you must visit in one of the days of Palio. Held only twice a year, once in July and the other in August, the Palio the palio will show you traditions, customs and folklore of medieval Siena. You might need a lot of dedication and patience to see the Palio in the Piazza del Campo since it’s really crowded the show starts in the first afternood and ends in the late evening. If you are around in maremma we strongly advise you to visit Siena for a remarkable historical and cultural day trip.


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