Mountain bike in Maremma

Maremma with its varied landscapes it’s the perfect place for many types of mountain biking, placing itself among the favorite destinations of those who choose a holiday in Tuscany dedicated to mountain biking and cycling. There are many possible itineraries: from the numerous pinewoods present on the coastal stretch to the mtb routes in the most inland hilly areas, where there are also very demanding routes suitable for the most trained cyclists.
You can choose to immerse yourself in uncontaminated nature along paths and dirt roads that will take you through the vegetation to discover the wildest and least known Maremma by bike from the crowded tourist places. Otherwise you have the opportunity to choose less demanding and more relaxing routes by stopping in the small medieval villages rich in history and then stop to taste the typical food and wine specialties of the area.
Another evocative itinerary is the one inside the Maremma Regional Park. Cycling to the whole of the large park you will be a few steps from the grazing cattle and entering the pine forest you will reach the beach of Trappola recognized by all as one of the most beautiful and unspoiled Maremma. If you need in the Maremma Park there is a daily mountain bike rental service.
If you want to combine history and sport you can go to the discovery of Pitigliano and the Etruscan excavation areas. The village of Pitigliano built in the Middle Ages with its tuff houses is a unique setting in the world. From here you can cycle along the numerous paths dug into the tuff surrounded by lush vegetation. Some of these paths have rather difficult passages therefore advisable only to the most experienced.

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