Festival in Maremma, Chestnut fest in Monteorsaio village

While the chestnut harvest starts, the small medieval village of Monteorsaio shares its riches, alleys and squares are prepared with food, music and entertainment. The party is held for a whole weekend, from Friday to Sunday, from late afternoon until late at night: live music, local food tastings and it’s fun for children too! The most goliardic evening for young people is definitely Saturday night where the music goes on tiil 2 or 3 am at night and sometimes even beyond. For kids and families in general, late afternoon and early evening is the best moment to go with more attractions dedicated to kids.

The village is perched on a hill surrounded by chestnut trees in fact. Parking may not be easy. Then you have to enter the village on foot and you will immediately be surrounded by people who wander around with the most diverse goals. In the various squares you will find music and every square has its own musical genre. It ranges from blues & jazz, 80s music, music for children, reggae rock etc. In short, the more you go around the more you hear and discover and you will find your favorite! The bands follow one after the other leaving only small moments of silence. It doesn’t take long to get around the whole town, so in a few minutes you can change the entertainment area according to your taste.

In addition to music you will find wine canteens and food stands. Also in this case, everyone has his own specialty! you will find skewers, panini, porchetta, and of course the hot roasts chestnuts. They are cooked on braziers that go all night and served in paper cones. They are eaten so many that those who have the strength to arrive late at the end of the party will realize they are walking on a carpet of chestnut peels, scattered throughout the streets of the town, a sweet crunchy sound that will accompany the silent steps of those who have celebrated until sun rise.

Obviously to have a party to be respected wine could not be missing! locals o+pen their private canteens and garages to serve drinks, first of all wine!

Montorsaio town is a typical village of the Tuscan Maremma, is well maintained and well cared of, with stone floors and houses, often with geraniums on the windows. If you go you will have fun!


Piazza Caduti
Monteorsaio (GR)

25 min