Casa Rossa Ximenes and Diaccia Botrona Park

Visiting Tuscan Maremma in fall season is the greatest occasion to have a glimpse of its history and culture. One of the most interesting example of the past is the red house “ casa Rossa Ximenes” in Castiglione della Pescaia. From our farms Bandinelli and Zuccherini will take you only 20 minuts to reach and discouver the site, with an interactive museum inside

A cultural distraction from everyday life: the museum offers to visitor a path on either the natural evolution of the area and the human impact in realising the drainage of swamps in Castiglione d. Pescaia area. Indeed in the past most of the country side area was neither cultivated nor inhabited, but occupied by a big swampy lagoon, making this country side very inhospitable.

As evidence of this historical period, the area of Diaccia Botrona swamp remains a natural reserve, where the Casa Museo is located and works as main entrance to the reserve. Visitors can hike for 15 km in ring path inside the park. The hike is all flat and easy.

For the most curious ones, a guided tour takes place every month, only by booking. Alternatively, boat rides are taken in the samp, with a guide of course, and  mostry in spring, summer, autumn season.

Many other activities are available: Birdwatching, educational activities for students groups, mountain bike tours, horse rides, environmental education programs, and general cultural events.  For more info please visit at the official website